What Are the Different Stages of Clinical Trials?

Many people are curious about the different stages of clinical trials, and how exactly medical studies work. They are essential for testing drugs and new treatments that are marketed for human health care. With these trials, we are able to ascertain whether drugs and treatments are suitable and safe for treating various illnesses.There are several different stages to clinical trials, and these are known as phases. There are four phases altogether, each one aiming to test a drug or treatment in a different way, allowing for the next phase to take place.It should be noted that there are extensive preclinical studies that take place before the main phases of the clinical trials. These involve in vitro experiments and in vivo experiments which are aimed at obtaining certain information as to the safety and efficacy of drugs. This allows the developer of the treatments to progress to its clinical trial stages if the preclinical studies permit.The first phase of clinical trials is called phase I. It should be noted that all the phases, from I to IV, are human clinical trial phases. This differentiates them from the in vivo and in vitro tests mentioned earlier, where treatments and drugs are tested in either petri dishes or on animals. Phase I, therefore, marks the beginning of testing drugs on humans.Firstly, phase I aims to study a drug or treatment on a small number of healthy individuals. Often these individuals are financially compensated for their participation in the trials.This is a very important step in the study as this is the first one where drugs are being used in humans. It will analyses how the drug treatment is absorbed into the body, then metabolized and excreted from the body. It is also in this initial phase that the side effects of such a drug or treatment are examined. This is essential for determining the safety of such a drug.The second phase is more focused on whether the drug or treatment is effective or not. This differs from phase I, where safety and simple observation of how the drug works in the human body is the focus. Phase II therefore can involve a larger number of patients, and often tests involve using the new drug and a second control group which receives a placebo or an alternative treatment.This will involve participants who are suffering from the illness that the experimental drugs or treatment hopes to address. At this stage, the safety of the drug will be analyses yet again to see whether or not it is both effective and safe for human consumption compared to other options.Next is phase III of clinical trials – these can involve an even larger number of patients, up to several thousand of them. This stage often lasts a number of years, which allows researchers to gain a more complete understanding of how the treatment works and how effective it is.It will also look at side effects over a more long-term basis as well as a short-term one. This is the most important stage, arguably, as after this it is possible for the drugs to be approved for marketing.The final phase IV is a stage which takes place after a drug has been approved for sale. These studies are aimed at comparing the drug to other products on the market and other treatments available, and also noting the effects on patients over a long period of time and their quality of life on a daily basis.This is an important stage as well, because some drugs can actually be taken off the market if they are considered not safe or effective due to data gleaned over this longer period of time. These are the four main phases of clinical trials – all of them have the same purpose of developing new treatments, curing illnesses, and advancing health care.

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